My name is Magdi Abdelhadi. I am a writer and broadcaster.  Former Middl East Editor at BBC News.  I commute between London and Cairo. I also do media training. Views expressed here are personal, and have nothing to do with  any organisation I some times work for.



  • Dear Maegdi, I would be very interested in reading of your views on the turmoil over Jerusalem, VP Pence’s coming visit to the region, and Egypt’s position in this predicament — do you believe that a post on this website would be appropriate? With warm wishes, Alfred

    • Thank you very much for continued interest in my views on the Middle East. I will definitely let you know if I do write a piece any where. I hope the turmoil will subside because I don’t think the region is in need of yet another flashpoint. Greetings

      • Dear Mr Abdelhadi, This is an excellent address given at Oxford in November 2017 by Professor Robert Springborg of the Italian Institute of International Affairs regarding the current security situation in Egypt, after the publication of his recent book by Polity Press on this subject: https://podcasts.ox.ac.uk/governing-divided-egypt — if you feel that it would be of interest to comment, I would appreciate reading your views on his analysis. Greetings from Italy.

      • Hi I have actually attended the book launch in London and he gave an excellent lecture. I have just finished reading his book. It’s superb and a must read for anyone who wants to understand why Egypt continues to fail to live up to its promise. Thank you for your interest in my views.

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