why are they in love with our ku klux klan !



By “they” I mean some on the left in Europe, and by the “clan” I mean our very own Muslim Brothers : the religious supremacist cult that uses and abuses religion to seize political power and declare war on other Muslims who want to live in the modern era, and alongside with them the infidels, who happen to be the rest of the world.

I came to think of this while I was perusing reactions to the British government’s decision to investigate the Muslim Brothers. They ranged from some extreme forms of delusion (the Brits are at it again, another conspiracy , a smokescreen , they want to persuade us they are not really in cahoots with the MB .. etc) to the predictable condemnation by the Muslim Brothers itself.

Their man in London, Ibrahim Mounir – believed to be the chief of the Islamist network outside Egypt – issued a sinister warning to the UK : if you proscribe us us, you could be targeted, he told the Daily Telegraph. I am amazed he’s not been summoned yet by the police for making such a threat.

But the ones that really made me pause and think came from – without naming names – leftist writers.

Their arguments against the investigation appeared to be taken from a briefing by the Muslim Brothers leaders in London. It didn’t deviate one millimetre from the narrative of the “brutal military coup” against the “democratically elected president”. Not the slightest semblance of distance, a shade here or a nuance there. None whatsoever, a carbon copy of the Muslim Brothers’ story, as if they were brothers in arms.

Next in line was the myth of the MB being the “moderates”, and that suppressing the moderates will drive them into the arms of the radicals , as if these were totally separate entities and do not share the same ideology and differ only conveniently in tactics, but ultimately reinforce one another as both have mastered the game of “bad cop” and “good cop”.

The good one speaks English — he’s modern, urbane and even human-rights friendly. The bad one speaks Arabic and is consistently sectarian, violent and medieval in outlook.

I hope the team investigating the MB has heard the latest statement from the leader of the terror network Al-Qaeda, Ayman Al-Zawahiri (who incidentally began his terrorism career in an offshoot from the MB) in which he expressed his full support for the Muslim Brothers jihad against the Egyptian society and state.

That fictitious binary “moderate-radical” Islamists (I recommend reading published accounts by former MBs which might help disabuse those who still believe in that canard) was once trotted out by some think-tankers, then propagated by the MB’s spin machine in London and Washington and bankrolled by Qatari petrodollars to win hearts and minds and gain acceptance among policy makers in Western capitals can come in handy now as the Muslim voices that denounce the MB are beginning to reach western capitals with alacrity and unprecedented force.

One commentator in particular appeared to have been given first-hand information from the Muslim Brothers about what went on in closed-door meetings between Whitehall officials and senior members of the MB when Mohamed Mursi was in power. So close is the coordination between those people and the MB which left me wondering (to quote an infamous question) : why do they hate us ! By “us” I mean the majority non-Islamist human mass that lives in the arch that extends all the way from Pakistan through the Middle East to Morocco in North Africa.

Surely, enlightened European leftists do not share the MB’s unsavoury views of women and religious minorities ! Neither would they want to live in the Islamists’ version of capitalist paradise (which is not much different from that of Unlce Sam); nor would they like to be the unfortunate sufferers of their penal code that includes amputation, stoning of adulterers, and flogging those who consume alcohol? I suspect not. So, why then want all of that for us!

Isn’t it the left which is supposed to want to return power to the people ? Why back the Islamists who only believe in power to the one and only god, the ultimate legislator who ordained rules for everything between heaven and earth from the beginning of time till the day of judgement ?

While the MB apologists were busy figuring out a strategy to pre-empt the investigation into the organisation’s activities in the UK and beyond, British police made a remarkable announcement : it issued an appeal to Muslim mothers in the UK to dissuade their sons from joining the jihad in Syria after it emerged that there is a growing number of young radicalised British Muslims who have been recruited and despatched to fight overseas.

If Britain really want to deal with militant Islam in its midst it shouldn’t waste its tax payers money talking to Muslim mothers. Understandably, these women will never report their sons to the police. It should instead focus on the offices of the MB and the many associations in universities or in communities it has created as a front for its worldwide operations.

As to the wider investigation into the activities of the MB, I think it is unlikely the team will be able to track down a phone call to the terrorists in Egypt, if it existed. The MB is too smart for that. The investigation should focus on the ideology itself, how much it has spread in Britain and its role in ghettoizing Muslim communities, creating the perfect environment for potential would-be suicide bombers or jihadis to grow and proliferate.


(This piece was written for IslamistGate : http://www.islamistgate.com/637 )


Magdi Abdelhadi

Writer, broadcaster, moderator, media consultant. I commute between London and Cairo. I am a former BBC journalist. All views here are only mine.


  • Hello Maegdi: greetings and best wishes,
    Two wrongs don’t make one right! In fact, there was a coup d’etate by the military to overthrow an elected government led by MB. The Egyptian Army, though being in power or close to it since time immemorial never assumed the role of “constitutional guarantor” as say the Turkish Army did. Now suddenly this sort of implanted and alien body, inherited more from colonial days than an organic outgrowth, got irked by the hold of MB on the gears of the state and became jealous about democracy? How naive of you to think that way and to dare to castigate the Western leftists for defending some principle, abstract as it may be, that the rules of the game -democracy- have to be followed and given enough time to mature.
    The Egyptian Army has done nothing different than what that other clique called ‘pouvoir” had done in Algeria. They both interrupted a new process before it could show its strengths and weaknesses. The result is an aborted attempt of ‘nation-building’ done by the wrong people. In fact armies were never meant to be builders, they’re destroyers by definition.

    What the Arab World needs is not to paint one side devil and the other angel -never worked- but rather a total revolution on all aspects of societal arrangements just as the Chinese, Russians, and before them the French had done. A new Arab citizen has to be invented, who can face the modern world with the appropriate tools. Less than that “The answer my friend is Blowin’ In The Wind.” Have a good one. Ghoma

    • Thanks for your comment, but you are wrong on several counts

      Egyptian army has a special place in Egypt’s modern history and Egypt’s struggle to build a modern nation state. So it is not an alien body. It has been right at the centre for nearly 2 centuries

      The comparison with Algeria is misleading, because in Egypt the MB were allowed to rule, and were exposed for what they really are : totalitarian religious fascists

      last and not least, the MB cannot and never will be able to give birth to that new Arab citizen, because of their atavistic and fundamentally anti-humanist ideology. I suggest you let them have a go at that in the UK or somewhere else in Western Europe. The Egyptian people have rejected them.

      • Thanks for your answer,
        There are few misunderstandings. Let me try to point them out.
        What I meant by “implanted alien body” was the army being as the only -at least in its structure- modern institution was thrown inside some sort of a eclectic and muddled system that has nothing to do with the “modern state!” The Egyptians, nor for that matter the rest of the other Arab states, have ever even made a serious attempt to build a modern state. The modern state, by its very definition, was/is built on the separation of Religion from state. This problematic of separation is still a taboo, was never really dealt with one way or another. People, reason, law, accountability, etc, were prohibited subjects in the age of the military rule. One reason for the result of the proliferation of mosques on the expense of everything else which aims to deal with this world.

        I’m not here to defend the MB, I’m trying to argue that once you start a game you’ve to give it enough chance and to play by its rules until it either fails or gives some results. Thus the comparison with Algeria was meant to show that an incipient experiment, the participation of the Islamists in power, had been nipped in the bud before any meaningful evaluation could be had: whether they were/are sincere to share power through the ballot box or they were simply palying another trick of one time elections. The Algerians had panicked and canceled elections, the Egyptians gave them one year or so and sent its usual power hungry ‘modern institution,’ the military, to take over and to kick them out of the whole game, if not out of this world altogether.

        I agree the MB, by itself, will never be able to give a modern state. The problem is a lot of your average Ali and Mohammed sympathize with them and they’ve to be included in power until a way is found to show their true nature. Either MB changes to some sort of Muslim democrats – a la Christian democrats in Western Europe- or be swept away by the force of events and the increase of rationalism in the rising generations. Arab society (s) must go through real traumatic convulsions in the process of searching for what it wants to be. People have to choose from: Either being bound for this world and to live by what it offers and what it demands; or, if they still see this world as illusory and mere transitory stage to what they think a better world, then they’ve to forget about forging a modern state and have to be content of some some sort of concocted Saudis’ petrol-heaven or Iran’s hellish dystopian state. A national debate, a soul searching for what and where they stand on these as well as many other issues have to be conducted. Until then the picture is getting blurrier by the day and no amount of army intervention is going to save these people from themselves. Have a good one. Ghoma

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